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Fairly Dressed Chocolate

Tražimo učesnike i lidera grupe za Erasmus+ omladinsku razmenu Fairly Dressed Chocolate u Italiji!
Datum: 24.03.- 04.04.2020
Mesto: Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italija
Prijava na linku.
Za lidera grupe rok za prijavu je: 15.01.2020.
Za učesnika/cu rok za prijavu je: 15.02.2020.
APV: 7.02.2020-10.02.2020. -Perugia, Italy

O omladinskoj razmeni:
Many times, young people already enrolled in sustainable lifestyle, maybe volunteering for cleaning forests of beaches, caring about storing the garbage properly and reducing the use of plastic, and much more, are consumers – or consumerists- of fast fashion (cheap pieces of cloths) and colonial goods (i.e. chocolate, coffee and spices) not aware of the unsustainable chain of exploitation and abuse which such items produce and to which they become supporter without even knowing it. By simply reducing the shopping of such clothes, for example buying second hands ones and by using fair trade chocolate and coffee, they can actively grow a fair economy which guarantees justice to people. Together with the care for nature and the reduced use of natural resources, youth can lead their communities toward a fully sustainable future.
During the YE, participants will explore the meaning of holistic sustainability, focusing on clothing and colonial goods, knowing their history and contemporary situation. They will commit with volunteering actions in local organisations active in the sector, like a fair trade shop, a social garden and others. So they will see how they can practice sustainability by having fun, learning new things and offering their service to others. In addition, they will have several chances of meeting the local community to promote sustainability with creativity and openness, by opening traditional intercultural dinners and nights to citizens and local partners and by creating activities for the community of Perugia to spread awareness and actions for a sustainable life.

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